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No fewer than 25, 490 Jews and 353 Roma were deported from the Dossin barracks in Mechelen during the Second World War. Most never returned. Today their families can seek solace in a serene and intimate memorial in the old barracks building. There they will hear names being read out and they may find photographs of their loved ones and discover evidence of their last days.  

Opposite the old barracks is the Museum on the Holocaust and Human Rights.  The museum tells the story of Dossin barracks and invites visitors to reflect on human rights today.  

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Internship Position

Interns at Kazerne Dossin will be enrolled in the daily tasks performed by the different teams in order for them to obtain a general overview of how the organisation works, as well as in specific projects to give them the opportunity to get profoundly acquainted with specific topics in a short period of time. 

Internship in the department of Education and Public Engagement

The student develops an interactive educational package for secondary education for the new exhibition Sport in Auschwitz. The student studies the content, thinks about various work forms applicable in the exhibition with the target group and looks for ways to discuss the connecting power of sport with the target group. The exhibition and accompanying educational package will be shown and used in Kazerne Dossin in 2024. 

Internship in the department of Collections and Research

The intern will receive training about person data management within Kazerne Dossin and will be introduced to different search methods to obtain data on deportees from Belgium. He/she will then be enrolled in the "Give Them a Face" project, collecting portraits of these deportees to be added to the commemoration wall and Kazerne Dossin's digital collections. The intern will perform a broad search, by applying online search techniques, focussing on publications and websites in Hebrew.

Besides the project, the student can be involved in the day-to-day operations of both teams and, if desired, the student can also become acquainted with other departments within the memorial, museum and research centre.

The exact tasks will be coordinated individually for each student according to his/her abilities and the needs of the institute. 

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