Track B

Track B Requirements

Track B consists of 38 credits (without a thesis), including four core courses (total of 13 credit points), and elective courses (total of 25 credit points). Track B students are required to submit seminar papers (2) and referrat papers (5), in courses of their choice, and complete a final examination with an appropriate member of our faculty as their exam advisor.

Final Exam Eligibility

Before taking the final exam, students must complete all coursework and submit all final papers. Coursework should total 38 credit points.

Final Exam Content

The content of the final exam will be written by the exam advisor, who may be any member of our faculty. The exam advisor is selected by the student. The student will also be able to choose the topic of the exam. The exam is based on 800 pages of material (or 3 books and 4 articles). This material will be provided to the student one month in advance of the exam date.

Final Exam Deadlines

By the last semester of coursework students should finalize which member of the faculty is most suitable to become their exam advisor.

Full-time students are required to complete their final exam by January 30th following the completion of their coursework.

Part-time students are require to complete their final exam by November 30th following the completion of their coursework.

**An MA student who has completed their courses and submitted all final papers without completing the final exam by the third year of enrollment will be required to pay 5% of tuition (before fees). This requirement is reinstated each year until the completion of all degree requirements.

Procedure for Selecting the Exam Advisor

In the final semester of the student's coursework, they are required to approach the faculty member who they think would be the most appropriate exam advisor for their final exam. The academic advisor, and administrative staff, is available to students for assistance in selecting an exam advisor.

Completing the Final Exam

The final exam is a written exam, which will be completed independently based on the topic selected by the student and the provided study material. The exam advisor will submit the final exam to the program coordinator. Students will receive the exam electronically from the program coordinator, and will be given three hours to complete it and return it to their supervisors by email.

Evaluation of the Final Exam

The program submits the completed exam to the exam advisor who grades it accordingly. The passing grade for the final exam is 76%, all failing grades prohibit a student from receiving their degrees. Students receiving lower than a 76% are permitted to appeal to the academic committee in the event that they find the grade unreasonable. In such cases, one repeat exam will be administered to the student within 12 months of the initial exam. Students who fail the final exam twice will be not be eligible to appeal to the academic committee, nor will they be permitted to graduate.

Final Grade Evaluation for Track B:
The final grade will be assessed as follows:
30% seminar papers
40% course grades
30% final examination

Extensions and Leave of Absences

Students who fail to complete their final exams on time will need to either apply for an extension or a leave of absence from the university. In both cases students apply for the desired status through the program coordinator and the graduate authority determines whether or not an extension or leave of absence will be granted.

Students granted an extension will need to pay 10% of their annual tuition (before fees) in order to keep an active student status at the university, which lasts for one year.

Students granted leaves of absence from the university are required to cease all university related activity for a determined period of time. This status is usually only granted to students with extracurricular personal matters, which permit them from any involvement in university related activity.

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