Yad Mordechai Museum

Yad Mordechai Museum is an institution for the commemoration and the teaching of the Holocaust recognized by the Ministry of Education. Established in 1968 in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai on the basis of Abba Kovner's vision, the Museum is part of a complex that includes the Mordechai Anielewicz Monument, the Battle Reconstruction Site, the Military Cemetery, the armored vehicle that evacuated the kibbutz's children in the 1948 "Operation Baby", the grave of the Righteous Among the Nations Colonel Władysław Kowalski, and the Yad Mordechai Museum. The Museum holds a variety of educational events throughout the year, hosts groups of school students, soldiers, and other visitors, and offers in-person and online programs. The museum is located in the Kibbutz Yad Mordechai near Askelon.


Internship Positions:

 -Yad Mordechai seeks interns to assist in the following tasks:

-Development and improvement of the educational programs, content wise and digitalization wise.

-Making the museum and its educational programs accessible to non-Hebrew speaking populations.

-Developing and updating the research on the museum and its content.

-Increasing the use of digital tools in the educational work.

-Translations: from Hebrew to other languages (English, Spanish, Arabic and more)

-Guiding groups

The tasks will be adapted to the intern according to his/her abilities and desires as well as the needs of the museum.

Candidates should be fluent in Hebrew and English and have self-management skills

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