“Simon Wiesenthal Genealogy Geolocation Initiative” (SWIGGI)


The “Simon Wiesenthal Genealogy Geolocation Initiative” (SWIGGI), a private initiative of Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, the granddaughter of the late Simon Wiesenthal, and Mr. Yossi Beck. The initiative links genealogy and geolocation data in a novel way.  SWIGGI shows all the residents of a given house and links residents to their family trees.  Users can search cities and shtetls for locations of the houses in which their ancestors lived in the period from the 19th century until mid-20th century. The data can be queried using the name of a person, vital data (birth and death years), gender, address, and family trees. In some cases, you can search for a profession. You can choose the source of the records.

Internship Positions:

The goal of the internship is to engage the students in the development and use of innovative digital tools to study the Holocaust; to address research questions that stem from the analysis of the data and to disseminate the knowledge in the academic community as well as to the public.

The interns will study the tools developed so far (SWIGGI) and the become acquainted with the data sources. They will choose a project from the list of available projects and prepare a 1-pager with the research and/or development topic to be addressed, the methodology, expected results, contingency plan, timetable (Gantt Chart) and needed resources. They will prepare a summary report and present the outcome at the end of the internship.

The candidates should have a keen interest in digitization of Shoah data, analytical skills, oral and writing skills, entrepreneurial spirit and excellent teamwork skills. Mastering of languages, beyond English, such as German, French, Polish, Italian, Russian is an advantage. Programming skills are an advantage.

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