Jewish Museum in Moscow

The museum seeks for a one-month long internship.


- Scholars who are working on the issue of the holocaust in the German-occupied territories of the Soviet Union. In particular, the Holocaust in the territories of contemporary Russia.

- If a scholar has its own interest and own thesis, he/she may work on it, it will be great for us to participate in this work. If not, we are now looking for the new accessions to our exposition (e.g. archival documents), and one of the main subjects is Holocaust memorialization in the Soviet Union.

- To sum it up, we are interested in additional archival information and materials for our collection and exposition about the Holocaust in the USSR and its memorialization during the post-war period.


Language skills:

- Russian is required, for all of the materials in archives are mostly in Russian.

- If the candidate knows/reads Yiddish it will also be ideal but it isn’t obligatory.

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