Local Internships: General Information

The Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies offers students the chance to participate in exclusive internships in Israel and abroad. During the academic year, students can apply for one of eight local internships offered in Israel. Students typically intern one day per week for two semesters. While strongly encouraged, participating in a local internship is not mandatory. Students who choose to intern will be awarded 2 credit points.

These internship opportunities are a result of cooperation and collaborations with a diverse range of institutions in Israel and include work in the fields of curating, archives and museums; education and research; pioneering Innovation Hub in Holocaust Education and Commemoration; work with Holocaust survivors and activities related to other victims of genocide and mass violence. The internship experience is an opportunity for you to put into practice some of the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout academic courses, combined with former experiences, and to learn firsthand about career options open to you after completion of your MA in Holocaust Studies degree.

International Internships are offered to all students regardless of whether they participated in a local internship. Internships in Europe or the US will take place following the end of the academic year. The Weiss-Livnat program offers eight prestigious internships at our partner institutions around the world. International internships are competitive, one student is chosen to intern at each institution. Those students selected will take part in unique projects, acquire hands-on experience and understanding of the world of museums and archives, and work directly with leading experts in the field. More information about international internships can be found here.

Local Internship Framework

Assigning the student to the internship:

Matching the student to an internship position is done by the individual institutions with guidance from Dr. Eila Perkis. These decisions are based on:

1. Internship Registration Form

2. Updated c.v.

3. One recommendation letter

4. Personal interview at the beginning of the academic year.

Among our considerations when placing a student in an institution are the needs for languages; former related experience as well as the student's availability to work. We also do our best to take into account the student's preference and choices. Please keep in mind that in some cases the institutions themselves require a command of European languages and cannot accept interns who only speak English or Hebrew.


Internships in Israel will take place throughout the course of the academic year, and will consist of one full day a week (a workday in Israel is around 7-8 hours). The specific requirements of each internship position will be determined by the

institution/department themselves, together with Dr. Perkis and the student, taking into account his/her schedule.

Please note, that the internship is a commitment that the student takes upon him/herself and his/her actions and performance reflects on the program. We have worked very hard to maintain our collaboration with the different institutions and place great importance on the internship project. We require that both the student and the institution report back to Dr. Perkis on a regular basis.

Academic credits

The internship awards the student with 2 credit points, and all of the internships are without pay. The program reimburses the students for public transportation to and from the internship, upon submission of the original bus and train receipts. These should be submitted to Ilana Eshchar with the appropriate form.

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