Curating the Holocaust: Museums, Heritage Sites & Artefacts with Tami Rich

This course is designed to provide students with basic curatorial skills for working in both Holocaust Museums and Heritage Sites. Comprised of 2 modules -theoretical and practical- students will be given the opportunity to study the academic components of Museum Studies, and subsequently, translating their historical knowledge into practical skills within Museum spaces and Heritage Sites. The course will place a strong emphasis on Holocaust Museums in particular. We will explore the birth of Holocaust museums in the 20th Century and how they have evolved; didactically, architecturally and advancements in educational directives through museum spaces. Furthermore, students will assess how audiences in future generations will engage with Holocaust Sites and museums. Academic components of the course explore a variety of subjects including; Heritage Interpretation, Understanding Significance, Collections Management & Object Care, Building Memorials, Intangible Heritage and Shared Heritage. Practical components of the course will include an in-depth assessment of curatorial styles used in Holocaust museums and memorials in Israel and abroad.

2023-2024 Course Syllabus

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