Literature of the Shoah with Dr. Miryam Sivan

The Shoah is a historical event which continues to baffle, appall, and chide humanity. In this course, we will read authors whose work grapple with the multi-faceted implications of this war and its myriad of experiences. Some of the authors we read are people who lived through the worst of Europe between1933-1947. Other authors are second-generation survivors. Moreover, other literature we read has been written by Jews and non-Jews who struggle to fathom the unfathomable, and who are not only keen on ‘never forgetting,’ but are as frequently intent on trying to identify themselves and their generation as in relation to this tragedy. Some of the ‘classics’ of Shoah literature will be on the syllabus. Additionally, lesser-known works by young European, American, and Israeli authors will also appear. Most of what we read will be prose, but we will also look at poetry, non-fiction, plays, and films.

Course Syllabus

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