German Jewry Under the Nazi Regime with Prof. Hagit Lavsky

The Nazi rise to power changed the situation of German Jewry dramatically, from being the most prosperous and integrated/assimilated community in Europe to become the first community to experience the Nazi persecution, violent terror, expulsion, robbery, ghettoization, and deportation over a long period before the war. How did they react? How did various groups perceive what was happening and what are the chances? How did the Jewish leadership cope with the crisis? What were their options to emigrate and how did they change along the time? How did they act to survive on a daily basis? How did the new situation shape their Jewish identity and solidarity? What happened to them during the war? How many and who were the survivors and how did they cope with the post-war situation? All these issues and more will be dealt with against the background of the developing Nazi anti-Jewish policy and from first-hand documentation, personal testimonies and correspondence, and by addressing a variety of studies with pluralistic approaches. Course Syllabus

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