German Colonialism, Late Imperialism and Racial Theories. Prehistories of the Holocaust with Prof. Stefan Ihrig

This course examines the “long road to Auschwitz,” as it is sometimes referred to, or the pre-histories of the Holocaust. It does so from within the context of German history, with a special focus on the colonial and imperial experience. It begins with German nationalism and the creation of the (“Second”) Reich as well as its development and politics. The seminar will examine the development and prevalence of racial theories, especially from the late 19th century onwards and how they were applied to different peoples and parts of the world (including Anti-Semitism and the Aryan theory). It will focus primarily on colonial experiences, cultures of violence before and in World War I as well as the rise of new far-right politics and the Nazis themselves. In the final sections, it will discuss how the colonial experience and the ideas of Lebensraum help us explain the Holocaust. Course Syllabus

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